2016-2017 Members

2016-2017 Association Membership List
(If you would like to be removed from the list please send an email to info@lakehadlock.org)

Ray and Judy Angeloch

Chuck and Cindy Allen

Eric Ambrosino

John Armstrong

Gene and Linda Audi

Kevin Bailey

Bill Bailey and Penny Gould

Roger and Theresa Barrowman

Doug and Kylie Belokopitsky

Bob Bishop

J. Blaine and Robin Blackburn

Michael and Susan Blumstein

Mary Louise Brummagyn

Raymond Call

John Calogero

Michael Canale

Marianne Capron

Harold and Linda Carlson

Lindsay and Patti Carte

Al and Jackie Chase

Laura Chadwick

Philip and Mary Ciaccio

Bill Clifford

Chuck and Betty Ann Colangelo

Robert and Carol Cole

Eugene and Sharron Connell

Pat and Kathy Connell

Lorraine Connor

Marjorie Connors

Daniel Coviello

Bob and Martha Crawford

Mary Jo Crowe

Rainville Trust

Daylock Fish and Game Club

Rita Demers

Richard and Shirley Demers

Gary and Colleen Dilmore

Paul and Della Dranow

Bruce and Judie Eisenberg

Donald Jr. and Judith Espey

Robert and Cindy Evans

Patricia Gould

Betty-Jo Grande

Natalie Greene

Tina Grover

George and Jackie Haggerty

Joel and Rachel Harpootlian

Bill and Cheryl Hogan

Judith Ann Homa

Lou and Robin Horton

Bill and Kelly Hosmer

Wayne and Janie Kellogg

Roy and Sheryl Kline

Joe and Debbie Loszynski

Karol and Donna Masher

Cathy Matier

Gregory and Christine Mazzone

Mark and Laurie Metraw

Sheila and Maurice Migliarino

Jim and Gina Mitchell

Edward and Nancy Monsour

Richard and Diane Moore

Bruce and Roberta Moskos

Greg and Marcia Olson

Gregory and Susan Aiken Peck

Kevin Parsons and Robert Pinto

Mark and Kathleen Patterson

Warren and Joan Pedatella

John and Carol Piroli

Florence Poprawski

Kevin Renaghan

Kenneth and Tina Riordan

Sal and Cathy Ricciardone

Carolyn Rich-Mazula

Daniel and Jessica Romero

Nanette Rushlow

Russell and Susan Saville

Noreen Potvin and Denise Sloan

George Smith

Dodee Sheridan and JT Cashman

Tim and Kathy Stachnick

Rodney and Rachelle Standage

Gretchen Stark

Michael and Ann Swezey

Gordon Twiss

Christopher and Kathleen Verbicky

Leon and Sarah (Sally) Walker

Ed and Linda Walzer

Tom and Pat Washburn




News & Events JUL 31st

Update - Algae Bloom tested Negative

We have received the results on testing the algae bloom(click Read More for a photo) located at the north end of the lake.

CSLAP reported that the bloom has tested NEGATIVE for toxicity.

Please remember that algae blooms are full of bacteria.  People should still stay away from algae blooms and let them dissipate naturally.

Thank you for your patience.

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Local News AUG 19th

Saratoga Springs leaders: Call it humanity, not sanctuary

Reacting to President Donald Trump’s hard-line immigration policies since taking office in January, many city leaders throughout the U.S. have said they would not assist federal agents in the deportation of their citizens....

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