2018 Members

2018 Association Membership List
(If you would like to be removed from the list please send an email to info@lakehadlock.org)


Charles and Cindy Allen

Eric Ambrosino

Ray and Judy Angeloch

Eugene and Linda Audi

Bill Bailey and Penny Gould

Kevin Bailey

Rich and Debbie Bango

Roger and Theresa Barrowman

Doug and Kyle Belokopitsky

Robert and Debra Bishop

J. Blaine and Robin Blackburn

Michael and Susan Blumstein

Charles and Carolyn Boehm

Robert Brileya Jr. and Elsie Roycewicz

Mary Brummagyn

Ray Call

John Calogero

Michael Canale

James and Marianne Capron

Harold and Linda Carlson

Lindsey and Patti Carte

Vincent and Frances Catalano

Laura Chadwick

Albert and Jacqueline Chase

Charles and Bettyann Colangelo

Bob and Carol Cole

Patrick and Kathleen Connell

Gene Sharron Connell

Lorraine Connor

Daniel Coviello

Robert and Martha Crawford

Mary Jo Crowe

Barry Davis

Daydlock Fish and Game

David DeAngelis

William Dehmer

Rita Demers

Richard and Shirley Demers

Gary and Colleen Dilmore

Muriel Dorsey/Richard Lemery

Paul and Della Dranow

Donald and Judith Espey

Kevin and Kerry Finley

Sharon Freitas

Matthew French

John Gehres

Pat Gould

Thomas and Natalie Greene

Joel and Rachel Harpootlian

Judith and William Homa

Lou and Robin Horton

William and Kelly Hosmer

Jeffery and Terri Juszynski

Wayne and Janie Kellogg

Virginia Kenney

Roy and Sheryl Kline

Joe and Debbie Loszynski

Cathleen MacLeod

Karol and Donna Masher

Gregory and Christine Mazzone

Mark and Laurie Metraw

Shelia and Maurice Migiliarino

Richard and Diane Moore

David Morris

Bobbi and Bruce Moskos

Cliff Nelson

David and Mary Anne Pagliaro

Kevin Parsons

Warren and Joan Pedatella

John and Carol Piroli

Rainville Family

Kevin Renaghan and Teresa York

Kevin and Tina Riordan

Sal and Cathy Ricciardone

Dan and Jessica Romero

Brian and Monica Rozell

Nanette Rushlow

Russell and Susan Saville

Joel Solomon

Noreen Potvin and Denise Sommer

Tim and Kathy Stachnick

Rodney and Rachelle Standage

Gretchen Stark

Jeff Summerville and Kristen Plumely

Micharl and Ann Swezey

Gordan Twiss

Andy and Karen Van Cleef

Christopher and Kathleen Verbicky

Leon and Sarah Walker

Ed and Linda Walzer

Thomas and Patricia Washburn

Lyle Washburn

News & Events JUN 10th

Suction Harvesting of Weeds Beginning on the Lake

Dustin and Alex are getting ready to suction harvest weeds today on the lake.

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Local News JUN 17th

Schumer seeks historic designation for Grant Cottage

MOREAU — U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer is seeking to make Grant Cottage State Historic Site a federal historic landmark....

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