Proposed New By Laws

Proposed By Law changes for the Lake Hadlock Association, Inc.

Last revised July 7, 2012

Change are in bold and italics  


Full membership in the Lake Hadlock Association, Inc. is available to those identified and assessed in the Lake Hadlock Park District that have paid their annual dues.  Membership will be based on one membership per household and one vote per membership.  Dues for members that own lakefront property will be assessed at the full membership amount. Dues for members in the Lake Hadlock Park District, but who do not own lake front property, will be assessed a membership fee of one half of the full membership fee.  

Associate membership in the Lake Hadlock Association, Inc. is for those who do not live within the Park District but who have vested interest in the lake and who have paid dues equal to one half of the full membership dues.  This allows them to take part in activities, regular meetings, etc, but will have no voting power.

Please Note that at the annual meeting that dues will be accepted by check, money order, or cash only. No debit or credit cards.

News & Events JUL 31st

Update - Algae Bloom tested Negative

We have received the results on testing the algae bloom(click Read More for a photo) located at the north end of the lake.

CSLAP reported that the bloom has tested NEGATIVE for toxicity.

Please remember that algae blooms are full of bacteria.  People should still stay away from algae blooms and let them dissipate naturally.

Thank you for your patience.

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Local News SEP 25th

Hudson Falls Middle School launches Makerspace

HUDSON FALLS — Middle school students are making things work — using robots, a 3D printer, a smart board and sewing machines....

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