Message from LHPD Park Manager re: Harvester

Message from Joe Loszynski
Park Manager, LHPD

As I am sure some of you are aware, the mechanical harvester has not been operational for almost two weeks due to a major mechanical breakdown.  It is unknown at this point if parts will be available to continue operations through Labor Day weekend. 
Please understand that this development was totally unexpected and everything is being done with experts in the field of hydraulics to resolve this matter. Due to the age of the machine the repair has been very difficult to execute. A final status report will be sent once the matter has been remedied with the harvester. 
On a totally different note, there will be a workshop on September 13th, at 1:00pm at the town hall, for the purpose of the Park Manager to brief the board as to the status of the lake project and recommendations moving forward concerning a more aggressive plan to manage aquatic invasive species. The session will be very informative on operational methodologies and the cost associated with implementing a new footprint to combat the expansion of invasive plants and better manage native vegetation life in Lake Hadlock. 
Lake owners are welcome to attend this public session to get more informed as to the current events on the lake and to get a clear picture where the Park Manager feels the program should proceed to make a measurable difference with the control of invasive plants. 
Thank you. 

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